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Hasbro Twister Splash – Summer Toys for Kids



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Get drenched with Twister! All-new from WowWee, this spin on the classic game of Twister is loads of outdoor fun! Just like everyone’s favorite Twister game, players of Twister Splash Game follow hand and feet placements directed by the included spinner. But now, the colored spots SPRAY water! Twister Splash Game is easy to set up in your backyard! Connect the included Twister Splash Mat to a hose, spin the wheel, and start playing! The Splash Mat only takes 1 minute to fill up with water, so you can jump right into the fun! Each spot on the Splash Mat sprays water, when you cover a colored spot, water shoots out the others! Fun for the entire family, Twister Splash Game is a blast for everyone 6+. Play as an individual or in teams, the last one standing wins! Included in your Twister Splash Game is 1 Twister Splash Mat, 1 waterproof spinner, and instruction manual. Mat size: 68 x 52”.

GET SOAKED, TWISTER STYLE! Give the spinner a whirl and make your move. Right foot red, off to a good start. Left foot green, you’ve got this. Each spot on the Splash Mat sprays water! Cover the spots with your hands or feet and watch water shoot out the others!
ONE MINUTE SETUP. Connect your Twister Splash Game mat to a hose and jump right into action! Inflatable splash mat fills up within a minute. Easy breezy! Unbox to find 1 Splash Mat (68 x 52 inches), hose connector, waterproof spinner, and gameplay instructions.
WHO’S GOT THE MOVES? Play Hasbro Twister Splash Game as individuals or in teams. last one standing wins! Pour on the fun this summer challenging family and friends for bragging rights. Adult supervision is recommended. Ages 6 and up.


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Hasbro Twister Splash – Summer Toys for Kids
Hasbro Twister Splash – Summer Toys for Kids


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